How to pass data between react native screens?


Hey I am new to react native. So basically I have a stack navigator with two screen option: Screen 1 (Default) and Screen2. I already set up a button so that when pressed it will take me to Screen 2. So in Screen1 I have an array displayed as scrollview component. Now when i press the button to go to screen2 I want to pass some of the array values to that screen2 component. What is the best way to do it? Thank you :)

I am really new so my attempts are kinda dumb. I tried importing the Screen1 component and calling the array values via this.state but no access.


The easiest way to pass the data is when you are navigating. To do that it is better that you put your array in a state an then use the following method:

onPress=()=>{ this.props.navigation.navigate('Screen2', { yourArray: this.state.yourArray, }); } }

Then in the next screen(Screen2) you can find the array(your data) in the props.So in your constructor in scrren2 you can find the data here:

constructor(props) { super(props); var params = props.navigation.state.params.yourArray; }

Also to come back to your previous screen without touching your states you can use this code in your back button:

const { goBack } = this.props.navigation; goBack();


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