Android how to write the query with a proper proje


I have a sqlite table called TermTable with id, selected, term and type columns:

static final String TermTable = "Terms"; static final String ID = "id"; static final String Selected = "selected"; static final String Term = "term"; static final String Type = "type";

I create the table as follows:

private static final String TERM_TABLE_CREATE = "Create table " + TermTable + "(" + ID + " INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT," + Selected + " VARCHAR(5) ," + Term + " VARCHAR(20) ," + Type + " VARCHAR(10))";

The column "selected" gets the strings "true" or "false".

Now I want to query and get the cursor which gets a string as a term and if its selected column is true, returns the columns id and type:

public Cursor getFavoriteValues(String term) { String from[] = { "id", "type" }; String where = ??? String whereArgs[] = ??? Cursor cursor = db.query(WordsDB.TermTable, from, where, whereArgs, null, null, null, null); return cursor; }

How are this query attributes defined?


Try out below:

public Cursor getTermValues(int index) { String from[] = { "id", "Type" }; String where = WordsDB.ID + "=?"; // You add column as per your Query String[] whereArgs = new String[]{index + ""}; Cursor cursor = db.query(WordsDB.TermTable, from, where, whereArgs, null, null, null, null); return cursor; }


public Cursor getTermValues(String term) { String from[] = { "id", "Type" }; String where = WordsDB.Selected + "=? AND " + WordsDB.Term + "=?"; String whereArgs[] = new String[]{ "true", term }; return db.query(WordsDB.TermTable, from, where, whereArgs, null, null, null, null); }


String where = "Selected = '?'" String whereArgs[] = new String[] { "True" }


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