Check if a given path is a special folder path?


On Windows, one can get any special folder path using SHGetKnownFolderPath or SHGetSpecialFolder (If I remember correctly this last one). However, I want the reverse, I have a path and want to know which special folder it belongs to, if any. I prefer this approach, because to find out if a given path's is in a particular special folder or not, I'll have to enumerate all special folders for all users which is a bit of ugly, but if there's no other way, the sky is the limit :)

I searched it but couldn't find anything useful. So does WinApi has a function to do just that?



You can use IKnownFolderManager::FindFolderFromPath

Available since Vista.

PS: check out the CComPtr<> class for simpler interfacing with COM.

Here is a sample i just made up, showing how to use it:

#include <atlsafe.h> #include <Shobjidl.h> #include <comdef.h> void PrintKnownFolder( const CComPtr<IKnownFolder>& folder ) { KNOWNFOLDER_DEFINITION def; HRESULT hr = folder->GetFolderDefinition( &def ); if( SUCCEEDED(hr) ) { std::wcout << L"Result: " << def.pszName << std::endl; FreeKnownFolderDefinitionFields( &def ); } else { _com_error err(hr); std::wcout << L"Error while querying GetFolderDefinition: " << err.ErrorMessage() << std::endl; } } class CCoInitialize { public: CCoInitialize() : m_hr(CoInitialize(NULL)) { } ~CCoInitialize() { if (SUCCEEDED(m_hr)) CoUninitialize(); } operator HRESULT() const { return m_hr; } private: HRESULT m_hr; }; bool test() { CCoInitialize co; CComPtr<IKnownFolderManager> knownFolderManager; HRESULT hr = knownFolderManager.CoCreateInstance( CLSID_KnownFolderManager ); if( !SUCCEEDED(hr) ) { _com_error err(hr); std::wcout << L"Error while creating KnownFolderManager: " << err.ErrorMessage() << std::endl; return false; } CComPtr<IKnownFolder> folder; hr = knownFolderManager->FindFolderFromPath( L"C:\\Users\\All Users\\Microsoft", FFFP_NEARESTPARENTMATCH, &folder ); if( SUCCEEDED(hr) ) { PrintKnownFolder(folder); } else { _com_error err(hr); std::wcout << L"Error while querying KnownFolderManager for nearest match: " << err.ErrorMessage() << std::endl; } // dispose it. folder.Attach( NULL ); hr = knownFolderManager->FindFolderFromPath( L"C:\\Users\\All Users\\Microsoft", FFFP_EXACTMATCH, &folder ); if( SUCCEEDED(hr) ) { PrintKnownFolder(folder); } else { _com_error err(hr); std::wcout << L"Error while querying KnownFolderManager for exact match: " << err.ErrorMessage() << std::endl; } return true; }

CCoInitialize borrowed from The Old New Thing


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