How instantiate a concrete class in init binder?


I have to bind an abstract class to my controller request handler method.

Before I instantiate the concrete class with @ModelAttribute annotated method:

@ModelAttribute("obj") public AbstractObh getObj(final HttpServletRequest request){ return AbstractObj.getInstance(myType); }

But now I try to do that without the @ModelAttribute annotated method, beacause every call to controller trigger model attribute annotated method too.

So I try to get concrete class with InitBinder and a custom editor, but it doesn't work.

My Init Binder:

@InitBinder(value="obj") protected void initBinder(final WebDataBinder binder) { binder.registerCustomEditor(AbstractObj.class, new SchedaEditor()); }

And My Post Handler:

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST) public String create(@Valid @ModelAttribute("obj") AbstractObj obj, final BindingResult bindingResult) { //my handler }

This is my ObjEditor:

@Override public void setAsText(final String text) throws IllegalArgumentException { try{ if(text == null){ setValue(new ConcreteObj()); }else{ setValue(objService.findById(Long.valueOf(text))); } }catch(Exception e) { setValue(null); } }


@ModelAttribute is just a command object. It is not intended to have variuos implementations depending on request parameters. WebDataBinder just influences how all parameters are being mapped to command fields. So - create simple command object with field of type AbstractObj .

public class CommandObject { private AbstractObj type; public void setType(AbstractObj type) { this.type = type; } }


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