Zend Controller Action , get Helper in other class?

is there any way to get an Action Helper from an Service Class?

I have the following Helper:

class Helper_Host extends Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Abstract { /** * Return Hosturl with path * * @return string Hostname */ public function direct() { $front = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance(); $host = 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; $host .= $front->getBaseUrl() . '/'; return (string) $host; } }

Now i want to get the Hostname from "My_Service_XYZ" , getStaticHelper is not working like excepted (;

class My_Service_XYZ { public function test() { $h = Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker::getStaticHelper('Host'); return $h->host(); // not working.. } }


class My_Service_XYZ { public function test() { $h = Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker::getStaticHelper('Host'); return $h->direct(); // not working.. } }

should works


Maybe you should try:

$h = Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker::getStaticHelper('Host');

instead of:

$h = Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker::getStaticHelper('FlashMessenger');


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