MVC 4 Action Result er

I am new in Asp.net MVC 4

I write function using MVC controller

public ActionResultRole_name(string role) { return role; }

My question is how to display return value on cshtml razor view?


You could return a ViewResult:

public ActionResult Role_name(string role) { return View((object)role); }

and in the corresponding Role_name.cshtml view you could use this value:

@model string <div>The role is @Model</div>

Notice how it was necessary to cast the role variable to an object to ensure that the proper View method overload (taking a model) is being resolved.

On the other hand you could have used a view model which is always best practice:

public class MyViewModel { public string Role { get; set; } }

which your controller action could have populated and passed to the corresponding stringly typed view:

public ActionResult Role_name(string role) { var model = new MyViewModel(); model.Role = role; return View(model); }

and in the view:

@model MyViewModel <div>The role is @Model.Role</div>

Also I would recommend you taking a look at some of the getting started tutorials on the asp.net/mvc site.


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