Rails Find_by_id raises exception

I was led to believe that the difference between Object.find and Object.find_by_id is that find will raise a <strong>RecordNotFound</strong> exception whereas find_by_id simply returns nil if nothing is found.

However, in my Rails 3 app if I attempt to search my Uploads model with a bogus id I get:

<strong>ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in UploadsController#show</strong>

Couldn't find Upload with id=59




Here is the line of code thats messing up:

@upload = Upload.find_by_id(params[:id])

I'm using Rails 3.1.3.


To throw the 404 error, it needs to be


The exclamation point is the magic.


This turned out to be a problem with the Impressionist gem that I'm using as it was hooked into my Upload show action and tried to execute it's own find before I had a chance to deal with it.


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