Mark mandatory fields on form, if not filled with valid value

if you create a new dataset, mandatory fields which are not set yet are marked with a wiggly red line.

it seems, that only string-values ( or several fields, but at least no integers ) are marked this way.

if integer-references are used ( 1-based ), the regarding fields are filled with 0 per default which causes the red line to disappear.

is there any way to leave those fields empty per default?

thanks for hints!


For integer and real fields you could set the ShowZero property to No (on the control or extended data type). Then zero values will appear with a red wave line.

For new base enums leave a blank zero enum value (by convention name it None).


Dynamics Ax does not have an "null" concept for fields. It uses some "zero" values for all data types - so you need to use some other NoYes field to express what you want if 0 is not empty


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