Django CheckboxSelectMultiple widget adds ------— value to query set

I have form with such field:

categories = forms.ModelChoiceField( queryset=Field.objects.all(), widget=CheckboxSelectMultiple, required=False )

And after rendering I get my first value as shown:

<ul> <li> <label for="id_categories_0"><input type="checkbox" name="categories" id="id_categories_0">---------</label> </li> ...

Yes, I don't have Field Model "------". Is it trying to set possible empty value? (same '-------' are used in select boxes to show empty value in the django admin layer).

Sure changing "----------" to "All fields" would be useful (since i will need such option), but how should i achieve that and what causes this weird behavior?


both your questions are answered in the documentation: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/forms/fields/#django.forms.ModelChoiceField


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