how to start and check job history on hadoop 2.5.2

<ol> <li>in the mapreduce webconsole for each application there is a tracking ui link which points to xx:19888/jobhistory/, but how to start the service on 19888 (i have started 4 services: yarn-resource-manager, yarn-node-manager, hdfs-name-node, hdfs-data-node, what i have missed?)</li> <li>is the jobtracker removed in 2.5.2</li> <li>I want to check the job.xml generated for my job, where can i find it. I have specified "mapreduce.jobtracker.jobhistory.location" but nothing is there</li> </ol>

Thank you.


Please try 'jps' command to verify all the services are running.

try //jhs_host:port/ Default HTTP port is 19888."

Make sure that your hadoop services are running.


<ol> <li>To access the JobHistory server's web interface then you have start the hadoop-mapreduce-historyserver service, which will bind to 19888 by default.</li> <li>If your are running YARN in the cluster then you don't need jobtracker anymore, the work done jobtracker is offloaded to ResourceManager, NodeManager's & ApplicationMaster's. But, you could still install just MRv1 in that case you will install JobTracker and TaskTracker's (which is not recommended).</li> <li>You could check the job.xml from the ResourceManager's UI by navigating to http://RESOURCEMANAGER_HOST:8088/cluster -> select your application's Tracking UI -> Select your Job ID -> On the left tab you'll be able to see Configuration. Or simply if you already know you'r job's id then visit this link: http://JOBHISTORY_SERVER:19888/jobhistory/conf/YOUR_JOB_ID.</li> </ol>


$HADOOP_HOME/sbin/mr-jobhistory-daemon.sh --config $HADOOP_HOME/etc/hadoop start historyserver

then run jps to see if it is running.


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