How do I get Flake8 to work with F811 errors?

We're using flake8 to test our code, and we're using pytest with fixtures. The following code:

from staylists.tests.fixtures import fixture1 # noqa: F401 def test_case(fixture1): # noqa: F811 # Test goes here assert 1 == 1

Generates a lib/python/test.py:3:1: F811 redefinition of unused 'fixture1' from line 1 error during linting.

    <li><strong>Why does it ignore the noqa flag?</strong> </li> <li><strong>Is there a better way to avoid flagging this error?</strong> </li> </ul>


    The F401 and F811 errors can be avoided by moving all fixtures into the <strong>conftest.py</strong> file. Pytest loads this file automatically and makes all fixtures inside available in all tests, even without explicit import statements.

    More discussion about the file can be found here: In py.test, what is the use of conftest.py files?


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