How to run multiple Laravel projects at same time?

To run one laravel project we only need to type "php artisan serve". and it will be available on port 8000.

But sometimes we need to run multiple projects at the same time. How can we do this?


One cannot have more than one listener per TCP port at the same time. If you need more web server instances try with another port:

php artisan serve --port=8001


You can also run web server on multiple port in PHP application by the following command.

php -S localhost:8000 php -S localhost:8080


i advise you to use laravel homestead and vagrant, it's a virtual box that virtualise your development environment and will make your life easier. homestead



I have an application that runs on port 8000 but I need to run multiple processes. I understand that to do this I need to run each process on different ports but I don't see why your code needs to be in different ports to be useful? Can you enlighten us?


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