Hide Codeigniter controller name from URL with same routes

i'm just getting started at codeigniter, i want to hide controller name from URL with same routes setup.

i have 3 controllers which are students, staff, teachers having same function called home, this won't work obviously

$route['home'] = 'students/home'; $route['home'] = 'staff/home';

is there any way to accomplish this? i have session data using codeigniter session class containing user type so i tried something like this

session_start() $route['home'] = $_SESSION['user_type'].'/home';

but i cant get the session data, maybe its using codeigniter session class?? so, how can i get the data? or is there other solution?


Perhaps you should write a common controller and disperse by your second URI parameter:

home/students or home/staff

$route['home/:any'] = "home";

and home controller's index method:

public function index() { $type = $this->uri->segment(2); switch($type){ case "student": $this->student(); break; case "staff": $this->staff(); break; default: $this->some_other_method(); break; } }

Obviously you would create a student and staff method and handle things differently if need be.

A side note - why do you want to conceal the controller's name? It's not like that's a security hole or anything.


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