Code in Job's Script Block after Start-Process Does not Execute

When I create a automation script with PowerShell 5.1, I got an issue – in a script block of a job, the code after Start-Process will not get chance to execute. Here’s a simple repro:

<strong>Step 1 >> Prepare a .cmd file for Start-Process, the code in callee.cmd is:</strong>

@echo off echo "Callee is executing ..." exit /B 0

<strong>Step 2 >> Prepare the PowerShell code,</strong>

$scriptBlock = { $res = Start-Process -FilePath "cmd.exe" -Wait -PassThru -NoNewWindow -ArgumentList "/c .\callee.cmd" throw "ERROR!" } $job = Start-Job -ScriptBlock $scriptBlock Wait-Job $job Receive-Job $job Write-Host($job.State)

<strong>Step 3 >> Run the PowerShell script, the output on screen is:</strong>

Id Name PSJobTypeName State HasMoreData Location Command -- ---- ------------- ----- ----------- -------- ------- 1 Job1 BackgroundJob Completed True localhost ... Completed

The expected value should be “Failed”. Does my code have problem or I’m using jobs in a wrong way?


Start-Job run job in separate PowerShell process in so-called server mode. In this mode PowerShell job process use standard input and output streams to exchange messages with the parent process.

-NoNewWindow parameter of Start-Process cmdlet instruct it to connect spawned console child process to the standard streams of its parent.

Thus, using Start-Process -NoNewWindow inside of PowerShell job, you connect spawned cmd.exe process to the same streams, which PowerShell job process use to exchange messages with its own parent process.

Now, when spawned cmd.exe write something into its standard output stream, it disturb normal message exchange between PowerShell job process and its parent, which leads to some unexpected behavior.


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