jQuery ready not fired after rails link_to is clicked

im using the javascript below to make an image "fade in" triggered by a scroll event. But the .hide im using to initially hide the image only works when the page loads initially, typing localhost:3000.

Once i'm in the site if i try to click a link to go back to the main page,

<%= link_to 'Main', root_path %>

the main page loads with out the .hide working

Why does the .hide work when the page initially loads but if i click a link to the same page the .hide does not work. the rest of the Javascript works no matter what, i can scroll and the image fades in and out depending on the scroll position, but i need it to start hidden, and that only works when the page loads initially help

function isElementVisible(elementToBeChecked) { var TopView = $(window).scrollTop(); var BotView = TopView + $(window).height(); var TopElement = $(elementToBeChecked).offset().top + 100; var BotElement = TopElement + $(elementToBeChecked).height(); return ((BotElement <= BotView) && (TopElement >= TopView)); } $(document).ready(function(){ $("#ghost_logo").hide();// hide it initially }); $(window).scroll(function(){ isOnView = isElementVisible("#logoDiv"); if (isOnView) { //fade out small image once main logo is in view $('#ghost_logo').fadeOut(); } else { //fade in small image once main logo is out of view $('#ghost_logo').fadeIn(); } });


You are having a tipical problem with turbolinks, turbolinks make that DOM doesn't change when you navigate through a links, for this reason, the ready event from jQuery is never fired, you can solve this in three ways.

You can try something like:

document.addEventListener('page:load', function(){ $("#ghost_logo").hide(); });

or if this doesn't work either, try navigate with out turbolinks change a parameter of link:

<%= link_to 'Main', root_path ,{ :'data-no-turbolink' => "true" } %>

or if you want you can use this jQuery-turbolinks gem is a gem provided for solving this kind of issues.

For more information refer to turbolinks repository on github


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