How to attach a node.js readable stream to a Sendgrid email?

I'm using PDFKit to generate PDFs. I'm using Nodejitsu for hosting, so I can't save the PDFs to file, but I can save them to a readable stream. I'd like to attach that stream in a Sendgrid email, like so:

sendgrid.send({ to: email, files: [{ filename: 'File.pdf', content: /* what to put here? */ }] /* ... */ });

I've tried doc.output() to no avail.


To use the SendGrid nodejs API with a streaming file, just convert the streaming into a buffer. You can convert a readable stream into a buffer using stream-to-array.

var streamToArray = require('stream-to-array'); streamToArray(your_stream, function (err, arr) { var buffer = Buffer.concat(arr) sendgrid.send({ to: email, files: [{ filename: 'File.pdf' content: buffer }] }) })


I recently struggled with this issue myself, and I just wanted to share what worked for me:

//PdfKit var doc = new PDFDocument({ size: 'letter' }); doc.text('My awesome text'); doc.end(); //Sendgrid API var email = new sendgrid.Email(); email.addTo ('XXX@gmail.com'); email.setFrom ('XXX@gmail.com'); email.setSubject ('Report'); email.setText ('Check out this awesome pdf'); email.addFile ({ filename: project.name + '.pdf', content: doc, contentType: 'application/pdf' }); sendgrid.send(email, function(err, json){ if(err) {return console.error(err);} console.log(json); });

The key is to make "doc" the content in your file attachment


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