Incrementing object id automatically JS constructor (static method and variable)

I am newbie in JavaScript, I have an idea, to create class (function), I know how it works in JS (prototypes and so on), but I need to do something like incrementing Id in databases.

My idea is to create static method, I think closure will suit great here and whenever new object is created it should return incremented id.

I don't know what is the right way to implement this, or maybe this is bad practice.

Please provide simple example.


Closure is a good idea:

var MyClass = (function() { var nextId = 1; return function MyClass(name) { this.name = name; this.id = nextId++; } })(); var obj1 = new MyClass('joe'); //{name: "joe", id: 1} var obj2 = new MyClass('doe'); //{name: "doe", id: 2}

Or, if you want some more flexible solution you can create simple factory:

function MyObjectFactory(initialId) { this.nextId = initialId || 1; } MyObjectFactory.prototype.createObject = function(name) { return {name: name, id: this.nextId++} } var myFactory = new MyObjectFactory(9); var obj1 = myFactory.createObject('joe'); //{name: 'joe', id: 9} var obj2 = myFactory.createObject('doe'); //{name: 'doe', id: 10}



Since node is single threaded this should be easy and relatively safe to do.

I think you could accomplish this by creating a global variable

global.counter = 0

Then on construction your class could increment it, or increment and grab the value if you need to keep reference to the value when the class was created.

function YourClass() { global.counter++; } var yc = new YourClass(); // global.counter 1 var yc2 = new YourClass(); // global.counter 2


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