Cant see instance when apply a custom policy in IA

Question:I have created a policy for restricting access of a user to a single instance as:{ "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Sid": "Stmt1392113879000", "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "ec2:*" ],

Jenkins getting test results from docker slave

Question:We have a jenkins setup with docker slaves, but somehow not all artifacts are available from within jenkins. Our setup:Jenkins Master running on a single VM multiple Docker hosts setup on different VM'sWe are using php-template Docker containers

与Java8蛋糕图案可能吗?(Cake pattern with Java8 possible?)

我只是想知道:与Java 8,并有可能加入的接口实现(有点像斯卡拉性状),才有可能实现蛋糕的图案 ,就像我们可以在Scala中呢? 如果是,有人可以提供一个代码片段? Answer 1:与其他答案启发我想出了以下(粗糙)类层次结构类似于在斯卡拉蛋糕的模式: interface UserRepository { String authenticate(String username, String password);}interface UserRepositoryComponent { Us

How instantiate a concrete class in init binder?

Question:I have to bind an abstract class to my controller request handler method.Before I instantiate the concrete class with @ModelAttribute annotated method:@ModelAttribute("obj")public AbstractObh getObj(final HttpServletRequest request){ return

RTSP stream will not play with VideoView; No conte

Question:I want to open RTSP link in my android application. I used video view for it but when I run the application I receive the error "no content provider". I've read the mass of threads and tuturials but nowhere can I find the answer why. Everythin

什么是发现遍历图的所有顶点的路线更好的算法?(What is a better algorithm

所以,我有以下Question: 给定的X网格由Y尺寸,计算通过它,在一个角落里开始的路线的数量(比方说左上)和结束在另一个(右下)和通过每个顶点。 所以,我目前的方法,通过只是想每一个可能的路径和计数是到达终点并遍历每个节点的那些只是野蛮的力量吧。 虽然它的工作原理,它是为O(n ^ 2),并得到令人难以置信的慢速度非常快。 我不知道该怎么做组合方法,因为该路径遍历每个顶点的要求。 我抬起头,更复杂的算法,并Hierholzer的算法计算欧拉路径似乎有些关联,但并不完美,因为节点不能移动超过一次于此。

Store And Replay WCF Messages

Question:I want to store WCF messages in some storage and read them later on in order to "replay" them again. Attached some code parts:private void WriteMessage(Message message, string path){FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Create);

Add to an uploaded images table the choice of dele

Question:I have a page where I can upload some images, see the list of images loaded in a table. I want to add the chance to delete one of the images in the list from the server. I tried but something in this code is not working. Any help?

Elements using CSS transitions do not appear on iP

Question:I'm working on a web page that uses a lot of CSS animations (mostly TranslateY) that are triggered at various scroll positions through JQuery. It works great across Webkit, FF, IE, etc. Unfortunately, on iPhone and iPad, some (but not all) of th

Android how to write the query with a proper proje

Question:I have a sqlite table called TermTable with id, selected, term and type columns:static final String TermTable = "Terms";static final String ID = "id";static final String Selected = "selected";static final String Term = "term";static final

Silverlight Programmatically select text

Question:I am playing with a Silverlight control that has a TextBox and Button. When I click the button (which calls SelectText below), I want to select all the text in the textbox.Here's my code: private void SelectText() { TextBox tb = thi

Using embeds on a child association to improve per

Question:I have a contact and a lead. They are completely two independent models. I have a leads page where I can query against leads, sort by leads and do other work on leads. Also, a contact can be created without a lead. However, a contact can has_one

Rails/Paperclip/S3 mystery errors: undefined metho

Question:So I upgraded a Rails app from 3.0 to 4.0 last week, and ever since I've been getting strange errors that seem to point to random places that I haven't changed, and I can't reproduce them.One such error is like this:NoMethodError: undefined me

Multiple parameters in a query using a OLE DB COMM

Question:I am trying to do this update in SSIS using a OLE DB COMMAND:UPDATE TABLE_ASET COLUMN_C = CONCAT(?,' ',?)FROM TABLE_A INNER JOIN TABLE_B ONTABLE_A.ID = TABLE_B.IDBut when I try to map the parameters I am getting this message:"the parameter typ

Google Custom Login Page: Client Login Deprecated

Question:I have been successfully able to run a Custom Login Page for Google Apps until today. I used to use Client for the Google Apps Provisioning service. using which we could send email (username) and password as parameters and obtain the authenticati

Get the array elements of the last node in Firebas

Question:As shown in the image below, I have a database "table" called fridge that has a child called food. food is an array that can contain one or more elements.I want to access the last node and fetch the food elements and add them in a list, but I c

Detecting and replacing merged words MyWord to My

Question:I have a function which is detecting and unmerging two words i.e.HelloWordafter function will becomeHello Worldthe problem is it will do same to iPhone -> i Phone which is not good, is there a way to replace only if first word is longer than 1her

IE9 javascript sort order … why?

Question:I noticed IE9 sort order is changing elements order when comparison function returns 0.See:var myarray=[ {id:1,val:0}, {id:2,val:0}, {id:3,val:7}, {id:4,val:41}];myarray.sort(function(a,b){return a.val - b.val});for(var i in myarray){

在C#中打印的WinForm(Print winform in C#)

如何打印在C#2008年整体的winform? 我的表单包含图片框,3个文本框。 Answer 1: 使用在Visual Basic PowerPack中的PrintForm控制。 它是自2008年VS工具箱甚至在C#项目。 我认为它可能已在SP1中添加。 更多信息这里 。 Answer 2:认为这可能是没有第三方库的事,我已经使用PrintForm.Net与成功的过去。 Answer 3:使用下面的代码。 using Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Printing;p

Remove duplicates in vector to next value

Question:I have a vector consisting of integers which can take a finite number of values. Consider the case where the values is 0,1,2.a<-c(0,0,0,1,1,0,0,2,2,2)I want to delete replicates of values until the next differnet value. After doing this the resul

C++: How to create two interdependent shared libra

Question:Suppose I want to compile a.cpp and b.cpp into two separate shared libraries and and the two libraries are interdependent, how can I go about doing it?Answer1:Although I can think of several hack-ish way to implement something lik

What is the meaning of the EchoNest API's getT

Question:The EchoNestAnalyzer Documentation states the following regarding timbre:timbre is the quality of a musical note or sound that distinguishesdifferent types of musical instruments, or voices. It is a complexnotion also referred to as sound color,

Is there any way to capture application exit event

Question:In C#, I used to capture the application exit event with the following code in program.cs. static void OnProcessExit(object sender, EventArgs e) { string message = "The application was closed at :" + DateTime.Now.ToString() + ".";

误差区域= NSCocoaErrorDomain代码= 512 \“的操作不能完成进度操作无法完成。

我想用将writeToFile到PIC图像存储的文件,却发现下面的错误,怎么解决呢? 错误域= NSCocoaErrorDomain代码= 512 “的操作无法完成。(可可错误512)”{NSFilePath = /用户/ alexqdh /库/应用程序支持/ iPhone模拟器/ 6.0 /应用/ XXX /文件/ girl.png ,NSUnderlyingError = 0x753e630“操作无法完成。是目录”} -(NSString*)getImagePath:(NSString *)name

Deleting JS Object Properties a few levels deep

Question:I have an object like this:var myObj = { first: { sub: { level: "some text", level2: "some more text" }, sub2: { level3: "Something" } }, second: { stuff: "More s